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Media Houses

Mediothek Afghanistan is seeking to providing information for journalists in both sides of the Durand Line and to promote the journalistic relation in this area.
This page is aiming to inform the Afghan journalist from the life, culture and journalistic struggles of the journalists in that side of the Durand Line.
At the same time, the journalists in the other side of the Durand Line will get to know about the various political, cultural, social and economic events in this side of the Line.
Besides, Mediothek Afghanistan aims to encourage the people in both sides of the Line to come together by sharing ideas, experienced and journalistic writings with each other
We ask the journalists in both sides of the Durand Line to support us to have a well functioning page and to develop this network of journalists. Mediothek Media Houses is doing all its best to train the journalists in both sides of Durand Line and assist them to come together.