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Discussion on the State of Media in Herat

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28 Dec 2017
Monthly Media Meeting Series – Afghan Media and Social Responsibilities
Media House Herat organized an event to discuss the current state of media in the province with young local journalists and students of journalism.
Participants argued that giving the current state of media in Afghanistan, working as journalists in the country is a very sensitive and precarious undertaking, nonetheless the role of media an journalists is still as important here as it is anywhere across the world and it is even more important in the light of challenges.
People and citizens need to know about what is happening and it is the role and responsibility of journalists and media to provide accurate, unbiased and balanced reports to the public.
“We all know the risks and hazards associated with working as journals,” said Hamid Sarfarazi, coordinator of Media House Heret, “but only media can give a voice to the voiceless and the marginalized public, therefore the role and responsibility of media has never been so great and enormous.”
Khatira Darwish, a graduate of journalist from Herat University, says that insecurity and physical threats are not only challenges media and journalists have to deal with, but there are also challenges of professional trainings, job security and so on. She called on Mediothek Herat to organize more training courses in the year ahead for journalists to gain the required skills they need to do their job in a challenging environment.
 “We need such meetings more often to discuss our challenges not only among ourselves but also with government officials and the public” says Haseebullah a young graduate of journalism.
Participants unanimously proposed Mediothek Herat to provide more training courses in the course of the year ahead, especially on topics of investigative journalism, peace journalism and conflict sensitive journalism.